Mason Flynn

  • Lifelong Athlete Competitively Swimming as a Child and Later Moving on to Wrestling and Lacrosse in High School
  • Joined the Navy Where He Started Powerlifting
  • Competed in a Variety of Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned Competitions Where He has Bench Pressed over 400lbs and Deadlifted over 700lbs
  • After a Year of CrossFit He Qualified for the 2016 California Crossfit Regionals and Had Several Top 5 Finishes.
  • Currently Training for a Marathon and a Powerlifting Meet

Growing up in New England, Mason Flynn has always thrived off the thrill of competition. In his mid-twenties, he even ventured in semi-Professional football and later started to complete in CrossFit. Since 2016 he has continued to train CrossFit but has more recently become more focused on trail running and powerlifting. He likes to train at a friend’s garage or his own garage where his English Mastiff, Frank, can spot him. When he is not training, he does his best to help recover with morning ice baths, frequent stretching/mobility, and fueling up with a thick Tri-tip steak and tall glass of Whole Milk.


Nuno Costa

  • NCAA Division 1 Track and Field Athlete at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Competing in the 200M and 400M Sprints
  • 2006 Began Competing in Triathlons, Completing a 1/2 Ironman, Numerous Sprint Distance Races, and a Few Olympic Distance Triathlons.
  • One of 2 Athletes in the World to Compete in the CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Every Year Since They Started in 2009 Including Being Part of the Winning Team in 2014 (Team Invictus)
  • Coached CrossFit, Running and Triathlon Programs Full-Time Since 2008, and Founded Invictus Endurance
  • Head Coach for CFHQ Since the Beginning of 2012, Coaching Level 1 and Level 2 Seminars All Over the World and is a Crossfit Certified Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3).
  • Coached the CrossFit Endurance Seminars for over 5 years, Traveling the World to Train other Coaches Proper Running and Endurance Training Technique, Nutrition, Injury Prevention and Program Design.

Although Nuno Costa was born in Portugal and has lived most of his life in the US, that didn’t stop him from returning to his homeland to share his expertise of CrossFit Sports, Fitness, and Strength Training. He spent 3 months in South America after his team won the CrossFit Games in 2014 teaching seminars all over Latin America. He is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and passion for running and fitness to anyone interested in living a healthier, happier life.


Kristin Pope

  • Gymnastics career included 13 state individual championship titles, as well as regional and national placements in levels 8-10. Was on a Competitive Team for 13 Years.
  • Competitive All-Star Cheerleading.
  • Competes at the International Level in Olympic Weightlifting and National Level in Powerlifting
  • Competed at USAW Nationals her First Year Lifting. She was Named a Member to Team USA for the 2017 University World Games Team
  • Member of Team USA for the 2019 Vegas International Open
  • Multi-Time National Medalist in USA Weightlifting.

For Kristin Pope, fitness has always been a passion with her first sport being gymnastics. Branching out, she derived a love for Competitive All-Star Cheerleading. She notes that her personal fitness endeavors didn’t end there; “I currently compete at the International Level in Olympic Weightlifting and National Level in Powerlifting. I was inspired back in 2013 when I was doing CrossFit.”


Sarah Scholl

  • Former All-American Track and Field Athlete
  • 2017 and 2018 CrossFit Games Athlete placing top 25 in the World in the Crossfit Games Open
  • Has Qualified Individually for Regionals for Eight Consecutive Years.

As if all these achievements weren’t enough, Sarah Scholl is also a Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach, Biosignature Modulation Practitioner, and Sport Psychologist.


Rachel Garibay

  • Began Gymnastics at the Age of 8 All The Way up to High School
  • Has a Background in Sports including: Cross Country, Track & Field, Pole Vault, Dance, Gymnastics, Wrestling, Bodybuilding, Strongman, and Powerlifting
  • 2014 Competed in CrossFit Regionals Her First Year Competing As a CrossFit Athlete
  • 2018 Participated In CrossFit Games With Her Team

Rachel Garibay lives up to her fun and driven reputation as a Leo. She’s looking forward to more competing, traveling, schooling, and challenging herself – she’s always ready for what the world will throw at her next. She also looks really good working out in her favorite pair of Vans! Rachel is currently a coach featuring remote training and personal training. She glows, “I love my job, I love programming, and watching my clients reach their goals. It’s AWESOME!!!!


Kristi Brewer

  • Elite Olympic weightlifter
  • Masters World Champion Holding Multiple World Records and Ranked 4th in the Nation in the Open Division, Where There is No Age Category
  • 2014 and 2015 California Regionals Competitor
  • 2017 Masters World Games Champion, Broke and Holds the World Record in Clean and Jerk and Total
  • 2018 Highest Ranked Female Masters Athlete in the Open Division and is a Multi-National Medalist in the Open Division

Outside weightlifting Kristi Brewer is a proud full time mom and CPA. She has two daughters and her youngest is autistic. Kristi is passionate about raising awareness regarding the beauty of being different. Raised in Idaho, Kristi is a country girl who loves to be outside. She enjoys spending time with her family, camping, hiking and is always up for an adventure!


Kelly Baker

  • Division 1 College Soccer Player
  • 2016 Qualifier for The CrossFit Games with Her Team, CrossFit Parallax
  • 2017 Placed 7th at Regionals
  • 2018 Placed 12th at Regionals

In Addition, Kelly Baker somehow finds the time to coach CrossFit, work as an elementary school teacher, and be a nutrition coach with Black Iron Nutrition!