We take health and fitness seriously.

It is a very fine line between feeling confident in your clothes and feeling over dressed. Of course we want to look good, but we also want to look like we’re at the gym to get a serious workout in. It’s much bigger than changing how our bodies look – it’s about getting into the most capable shape of our lives and taking health into our own hands. But function MUST meet fashion.

We believe you should walk into the gym with confidence: confidence that you look great, that you’re there to do something important for yourself and that you wont need to worry about tugging and pulling on your clothes the whole time.

All our products are made to hold up for hours of grueling training. Designed by and for athletes, tested by the fittest on earth. Vull products are highly functional without falling short on aesthetics.

We saw a need to cut out the questions and wondering. Will that zipper fall down while I’m running? What about coverage while I’m hanging from a bar? If I can’t stop until the clock runs out and something isn’t staying in place, what do I do? With Vull, there are no questions to ask.

These clothes were made to get you into the best shape of your life – get dirty, run hard, sweat more than you ever thought possible. Vull is ready for absolutely anything your coach throws at you.

About the Owner/Designer:

Kat Leone is a 5x CrossFit regional athlete, notably coming one spot out of qualifying for the 2016 & 2017 CrossFit Games with her team. She has 9 years experience in the sport of CrossFit and through many varied fitness endeavors over the years, she found a second home inside the gym. Kat attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in both Los Angeles and San Francisco campuses and has worked on brand such as Steve Madden, Disney Couture, F21 and JewelMint. Though she enjoys working hard and getting dirty in the gym, the fashion girl inside has never gone away. She is passionate about bringing a feminine touch into otherwise historically male dominated fitness categories. Feeling comfortable in your gym environment, clothing and gear is so important to empowering women to embrace their physical strength and breaking down gender barriers.

“I started this company out of a need for reliability in my gym clothes. I like fun stuff but I found myself constantly sorting out my clothing and outfits by the pieces I could wear for certain types of training movements. I just had too many days where I was wishing I had worn something else that required less thought. I feel self conscious enough as it is at the gym and during competition. I need to feel confident and secure in my clothes.” – Kat Leone (@JustKatLeone)